Susanne Altman CPA

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

The Certified Public Accountant services of Susanne Altman, CPA PLLC assists its clients by gathering their tax information and reporting it to the IRS by preparing their individual or business tax returns. Often times it is not the information that is important but the presentation of that information. Misrepresentation of tax facts may cost you money that you do not owe. For many US citizens the tax code has grown out of proportion and become difficult to understand. That is why a trained CPA or tax preparer will save you money.

As a CPA, Susanne Altman annually attends Continuing Professional Education classes to keep her up-to-date with current tax practices. Each year the IRS, through our Congress direction, is changing tax code or the tax code changes due to time limitations. What was available last year may not be this year. Tax planning is now a complex situation that requires thought and consideration.

Susanne Altman, CPA PLLC offers many services. We assist with payrolls and payroll reporting; monthly, quarterly and annual accounting of your records; financial statements for your own use or others; compilations, reviews and audits for profit and nonprofit; consultations for tax advice, business, and financial concerns that may effect your taxes. We help in tax planning for the future generations; be it a college education or succession of the family business. We have worked with attorneys in Medicare planning, trustee of clients wills, and special need trusts.

Our CPA services can save you money. What can we do for you?