Susanne Altman CPA

Certified Professional Guardian (CPG)

The Certified Professional Guardian services of Susanne Altman, CPA PLLC works to maintain our client's independence by providing exceptional Prime Plus Service. We are advocates for people of all ages who need that little extra help. Often times we are a buffer between our clients, family and society; we continually strive to maintain the dignity and independence of clients by remembering they have opinions and options available. We assist in maintaining our client’s quality of life whether they choose to stay at home or need assistance with relocation.

If a client wishes to stay at home, we help with bill payments and other financial needs. We help develop methods to maintain quality of life. A client may need help taking medications or it is no longer safe to drive. We can develop alternatives that work. In addition, we can arrange assessments, reports and visits for family members. For those who wish to relocate, we help facilitate selling, moving, and choosing a home.

Susanne Altman, CPA PLLC works hard to alleviate the stress on family members and loved ones. We can help as a guardian, trustee, or as a power of attorney. We have a wide referral base of qualified professionals to call upon including: house cleaners, handy men, in-house day care providers, living assessors, realtors, movers, investment and insurance advisors, and many more.

As a Certified Professional Guardian with the State of Washington, Susanne Altman, CPA PLLC follows a strict ethics and continuing education program. Life is about growth and change. It takes dedication to keep up with the changes and that is why we take the time to learn about what our clients are going through during their life changes. We are your advocate.